13 natural ways to purify your lungs

Without being aware, we expose our lung to all sorts of pollutants and microbes that are inhaled with the air. Smokers absorb even more toxins and contribute to turning their lungs in black and dying organs.  It is important to detox your lungs with regularity in order to contribute to their well-functioning and health. Here are 13 natural remedies that you can use to clean your lungs.

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Quit smoking.  You can detox your lungs by preventing nicotine and tar from depositing on your lungs.

Avoid dairy products. When you stop consuming dairy products your system manages to better eliminate the toxins.

Have some green tea. Green tea is a good antioxidant, so drink a cup of tea every day before bedtime in order to flush the toxins from your lungs.

Consume lemon juice. Add some lemon juice in a glass of warm water and drink the mixture every morning on an empty stomach. If you want, you can replace the lemon juice with cranberry or pineapple juice.

Alkaline power. Drink a glass of carrot juice after breakfast because the alkaline in carrots will nourish your lungs an clean them.

Potassium intake. Clean your lungs with drinks made from foods rich in potassium, such as oranges, bananas, carrots, spinach, berries, apricots etc.

Put ginger at work. Ginger is an ingredient that releases the harmful toxins from your lungs, allowing them to function accordingly. You can simply eat ginger or prepare some tea, but you can also stay in a ginger bath for about 30 minutes, in order to eliminate toxins through swelling.

Bring up the antioxidants. Drinking 400 ml of cranberry or pineapple juice before bedtime will help you breathe correctly and reduce the infections in your lungs.

It’s shower time.  You can remove toxins from your system by taking a 20 minute hot bath every day. Add some eucalyptus in the water and inhale the steams in order to clean your lungs, clear your sore throat or reduce sinus issues.

Use oregano as a spice. Oregano contains high levels of histamine and other substances that improve the breathing process. Use oregano as a spice for your foods every day and your lungs will be grateful to you.

Have some peppermint. Chewing several leaves or peppermint every day will combat bacteria in your lungs and help you eliminate the harmful toxins.

Do some yoga. Deep breathing exercises will definitely remove the impurities from your lungs and oxygenate them better.

Consume foods that help your lungs healthy. You should introduce in your daily diet foods such as nuts, apples, beans, carrots, vegetables, foods that will keep your lungs healthy and away from diseases.

13 natural ways to purify your lungs

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