4 benefits of coconut oil that change lives

Skin care

High and low temperatures make the air dry and damage your skin very much, absorbing all the water deposit. In order to moisturize your skin, you can choose products from a large variety that can be found on the market; however, the best option would be a natural product, such as coconut oil. It is rich in all types of fatty acids – saturated, unsaturated and polyunsaturated and vitamin E. Applied on the skin, the oil nourishes and moisturizes your dry skin in depth.

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Due to its nutrients and vitamins, coconut oil can remove aging signs. You can use it in different ways:

  • Add some rose petals in the coconut oil and let them sit for several days. Then apply the oil on your face with regularity.
  • Apply a mixture of 2 drops of coconut oil and a small quantity of Aloe glue every time you go out, in order to reduce wrinkles;

Dry lips

Cold weather affects not only our interior health by causing flu, but it can also affect your lips. In fact, these disease combined with the low temperature and dry air lead to chapped lips. You can restore their beauty and moisture by simply consuming plenty of water or by applying coconut oil for several weeks, until you notice positive results.

General health

Coconut oil is a key element for your general health. Being rich in fatty acids and having anti-bacterial properties, it manages to eliminate the harmful toxins from your system and prevent the pressure, helping digestion.

4 benefits of coconut oil that change lives

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