6 remedies that clean your lungs

A clean body on the inside is the key to general health. Of course, there are many ways of cleaning your colon and other organs from toxins and harmful elements, but there are also ways through which you can clean your lungs without too much effort. Healthy lungs provide you a longer life and oxygenate your organism properly. You can choose one of these natural remedies that we propose if you want to have clean lungs.

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  • Consume foods that cleanse your lungs

Consume with regularity foods such as pistachios, cayenne pepper or plantain leaves as they keep your lungs healthy. Pistachios are rich in a substance very similar to vitamin E that prevents lung cancer, cayenne pepper has anti-inflammatory properties, keeping away coughs and sore throat, whereas plantain leaves reduce the respiratory conditions and remove the mucous from your lungs.

  • Quit smoking

Smoking is a very dangerous habit, not only for your lung, which get intoxicated with nicotine and other harmful substances, but for your entire body. The carbon monoxide present in smoke slows down the functions of the lungs favoring cancer or emphysema.

  • Clean your lungs with castor oil packs

Castor oil is a very beneficial ingredient for the overall health as it stimulates blood and lymph flow and eliminates wastes, but it also makes wonders in what concerns your lungs. Just make some castor oil packs at home and place them on your chest. They will eliminate the toxins and congestion from your lungs.

  • Do some exercises

Breathing exercises can definitely make your lungs stronger and toxin-free. All you have to do is perform some deep breathing exercises for several minutes every day. Deep breathing not only cleans your lungs, but they also oxygenate better your system. Oppositely, shallow breathing is poor in oxygen and makes your lungs weak.

  • Consume herbs that clean your lungs

There are plenty of herbs used since ancient times to treat respiratory issues. We remind of oregano, eucalyptus, orange peel, peppermint or Lungwort, herbs that can be consumed either as such or in tinctures. As an alternative you can even have a natural supplement that contains a mixture of herbs which help your lung function properly and eliminate the harmful substances with success.

  • Avoid indoor air pollution

A polluted house can be very dangerous for your lungs. But not polluted in the sense of dirt, but air purity. In this sense, there are many factors that can influence the quality of the air you breathe at home, among which the dander, cleaning products, the paint and all the synthetic materials that compose your rooms. You can, though, improve this situation by simply using a purification system that will allow your lungs breathe health.

6 remedies that clean your lungs

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