Benefits of coconut oil for skin care and weight loss

Skin care

The market in full of skincare products that promise you to solve all your skin conditions. However, their effects are temporary and, on long term, they can damage your skin or increase the effects of your problem. To make sure you don’t harm your skin, you can choose a natural product, such as coconut oil, which has proven to be very effective in treating and preventing skin conditions.

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You can use it as a body lotion after every shower or bath. Store some coconut oil in small bottles or jars in a room under the temperature of maximum 24°C. It will transform into a white and solid composition, which, once applied on the skin, becomes oily again. Massage it for several minutes until it is completely absorbed.

Weight loss

Women say that coconut oil is a very important factor in stimulating the after-birth-weight-loss. Consumed either in fry eggs or salads, in a quantity of 4 spoons per day, it can make you lose several pounds within a month. At the same time, coconut oil gives you the sensation of satiety and helps your system to better digest the food. All this is due to the high levels of fatty acids it contains and which determine the thyroid to function properly.

For better results, it is important to try and calculate the calories eliminated every day, in order to actually know how much the coconut oil helps your system to lose weight. Of course that, you can combine the coconut oil daily consumption with physical exercise and you will see that the results will be even more effective.

Benefits of coconut oil for skin care and weight loss


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