Tips and tricks for a rejuvenated skin

What to do to have a younger skin?

Hydrate your body and skin as much as possible by drinking at least 2 liters of water every day;

If you are a smoker, think that your skin is absorbing all that smoke from your cigars;

Moisturize your skin by using jojoba or grape seed oil and perform a facial massage with regularity;

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Sleep enough time so that your skin can relax and stay firm;

Whenever you go out, try to protect your skin from the UV rays by applying a powerful sunscreen.

Try to adopt a healthy diet by including foods rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, C or E. they will help your body fight against the action of free radicals which generally destroy the skin.

Do some sport. Regular exercises will make your skin firmer and toner.


What to avoid in order to keep your skin young?

Try to maintain your weigh in balance. Sudden weight loss or gain can lead to sagging skin.

Quit smoking or avoid starting. Cigar smoke is very toxic for your body and skin alike.

Try to eliminate processed food from your daily routine. They contain lots of harmful substances.

Never take too much sun because no matter how protected your skin is, too much UV rays will be harmful.

Avoid washing your face with soaps rich in chemicals. Try to replace them with  more natural ones.

Tips and tricks that rejuvenate your skin

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